Icelandic Art

Prentvæn útgáfa

Dröfn Guðmundsdóttir graduated from The Icelandic College of Art and Design as a sculptress in the year 1993.

Right after graduation she chose glass as her medium and she started out her career by cooperating with the gallery Hjá þeim by Skólavörðustígur in Reykjavík which promoted her works.

Later on 10 female artists founded the gallery Listakot by Laugavegur and Dröfn was one of them. She worked on glass slumping in her atelier by Fálkagata 30b and when Gallery Listakot came to an end in the year 2000 Dröfn founded her own company around her art and works by the name of Íslensk list (Icelandic art) which is still running. Now she is working in her atellier in Korpúlfsstaðir, an old farmhouse in the outskirts of Reykjavík. There inn the old farmhouse, she and other artists working there,  opened Gallerí Korpúfsstaðir in May 2011  where they sell their works. Dröfn has lately also been working at papermasche.

As a guide in Iceland she has taken photographs on her trips.

She has had private exhibitions and  along with other artists of her glassworks and photographs in Iceland as well as abroad.

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